Step change in propulsion efficiency

Salt Ship Design AS and Scana Propulsion AS are launching new propulsion concepts which significantly increase bollard pull and fuel efficiency, and consequently reduce emissions and pollution to air. 


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– The propulsion concept  is now being introduced for vessel types in need of bollard pull, e.g Anchor Handling vessels, Seismic vessels and Trawlers. Combining the contra rotating propellers with a tailored nozzle leads to significantly higher bollard pull – or the nominal bollard pull can be maintained with less installed power.

– A new propulsion system optimised for vessels with an operational profile of mainly transit will be delivered to the Platform Supply Vessel SALT 100 PSV currently being built at Kleven for Ugland Offshore AS. Extensive basin testing has been carried out for SALT 100 PSV and comparing two aft ships with associated propulsion systems have demonstrated huge savings for this type of offshore vessels in various operations and loading conditions. Normally, innovations in design improves efficiency in certain conditions, however the new propulsion concept has proven in percentage double digit savings for the full range of operations where energy efficiency counts , says Sales Director Tor Henning Vestbøstad in Salt Ship Design AS.

– The contra rotating propulsion system is controlled independently in a dual shaft line by two high efficient permanent magnet motors. Contra rotating propellers are in their nature more efficient than similar single propellers. Motors directly connected to the propellers gives fewer components, and improved energy conversion make the solution more efficient and safer compared to the benchmark in the marine industry. Ultimately, we see real benefits in significantly better efficiency related to higher bollard pull, lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions of greenhouse gases, says Managing Director Kristian Sætre in Scana Propulsion AS.